Monday, 12 March 2012

Online Reputation Management for protecting your revenues

There are several factors that go into determining exactly how detrimental negative reviews are, and they’re largely tied up with how the post or message is communicated, as well as the type of content that it contains. Each business has its own model for dealing with feedback, but with some types of feedback it becomes a public affair and could affect how a business or company is viewed by the potential consumer.

A review that is negative in nature is not always outwardly accusatory, and sometimes it is a valid complaint that should be addressed or that the company has been meaning to address in due time. Before the Internet, consumers could warn each other away from unsatisfactory services by word of mouth, but now that there is such easy access reviews are becoming much more important when determining if a business will be able to stay afloat amidst the rest of the competition.  Because of this the image and reputation that your business acquires can often be changed drastically by how you handle various complaints and negative postings.

Any feedback, be it positive or negative, should be evaluated to see what it is your customer is expecting and what they feel you are providing. The nature of the review or posting can easily be determined by the language that is used as well as what subjects they felt were important to include. Overly offensive and harsh reviews can easily be identified and proven factually wrong. When the faults of the business are addressed, ones based in fact and that are easily verified, this too should be addressed, but in a different manner. It is how you address real issues and problems that are presented to you in this format that show what kind of business you run, and importantly it shows this to your customers. A business that is seen as caring and responsive to its customers will likely see repeat business, and this can help offset any potential revenue loss from the initial negative posting.

The reality is that the revenue of a business can and will be affected by unfavorable reviews and comments left on feedback pages and various other places. The important questions that should be answered are how negative the incoming reviews are and how the business is addressing them. An overwhelming negative score against your business will discourage potential customers from using your services or purchasing your goods. By not addressing the problems brought up in the reviews you’re also likely to lose current customers. Losing even a small percentage of such a potentially large amount of customers can easily be shown in a swift downturn of transactions and eventually a net profit.

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