Saturday, 31 March 2012

The importance of Reputation Management Company for a Business

The negative reviews and URLs that have been doing the rounds in cyberspace need to be managed by a Reputation Management Company and should be taken seriously, as in this day and age consumers usually have a large selection of businesses to choose from, and so some will look at reviews to determine whether or not they’ll use a certain business.

‘Negative’ reviews are not always negative in the usual sense of the word. There is a difference between ‘negative criticism’ and ‘constructive criticism’. Purely negative criticism will often not point out what exact parts of the service they were unsatisfied with, or they will word it in an extremely negative and unhelpful way. Reviews that contain constructive criticism will state what exactly they found wrong, or what they think should be improved on. Some may even offer advice on what they think could be changed in order for them to have a better experience. Recognizing what type of criticism you’re receiving will determine what sort of affect it will have on your business.

Reviews that bring up valid complaints can help the owner pinpoint key areas that need work inside his or her business. Responding in a calm, mature way towards these reviews will actually help with your company’s reputation by showing that you’re actually listening to your customers and addressing problems and issues they may have. If valid points are brushed aside or openly mocked then you risk angering your consumer base and scaring off potential customers. By showing your willingness to adapt or change a service you’re letting them know that you’re treating their complaints seriously.

There are also some types of reviews that are almost obviously of a vindictive nature and that bring up no real complaint with the business. These types of reviews are often the result of a personal grudge towards the business or its employees, someone unhappy with the very nature of the company, or even people who simply wish to stir up trouble for various reasons. While these types of negative reviews can still affect your business adversely, they are not as convincing to a consumer that there is any real fault with your goods or services. These types of reviews should be handled with as much courtesy as the constructive reviews, and should never be responded to with anger.

It should be kept in mind that these are only a few individual’s opinions, and that some may not be based purely on fact. While a few bad reviews might be brushed off as personal qualms, overwhelming negative reviews can seriously affect the reputation of your business for the worse. By finding out why you’re receiving such reviews and addressing the issues brought up by fixing them, you’ll be able to build your company’s reputation back up. Complaints should be treated as something important enough to look into.

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