Thursday, 19 April 2012

Reputation Management and managing Ripoffreport

The reputation of your business is a very important asset. Especially if you think about the way competition is growing these days, your online reputation can decide whether you are going to survive or not. One of the greatest threats to any company is a bad review on Ripoff Report. If any customer posts a report against your business, you can find yourself in a lot of trouble. Your sales will plummet. You will have an uphill climb keeping even your regular customers. Getting new customers will become harder than ever. The only way is to get rid of this report.

The only problem with any report on Ripoff Report is that it will not be removed. will not remove any report even if it is false and the person who posted it admits that it is false. You have to use other alternate and rather indirect methods to reduce the effects of that report. These methods can go in two different directions. Either you can try the options provided by for defending your self or you can take steps so that nobody can find the report. However, the costs and actions required for these methods to succeed will be quite different. will not take the report off of their site but they can let you defend yourself by proving the report wrong. They have Corporate Advocacy Program that you can join by paying them. They will investigate the actual report and find out if it is true or false. Then they will publish their finding above that report so that people who visit that page will see the finding first. In case if the report is true, you can still make them say that you have taken action to resolve the report and will be providing total customer satisfaction. They will however, make you commit to them first about the total customer satisfaction.

Another alternative is to use the VIP Arbitration Program of Ripoff Report. If you pay them for this option, then they will appoint an arbitrator who will find out the truthfulness of the report made against you on your behalf. They will redact the untrue portion of the report if you are lucky enough. This method has a slight advantage over the other one mentioned above because it will cost you less.

Regardless of what happened at, most people will look for the report by searching for it on the search engines. The second direction is all about search engines. To be more precise, it is about Google. Google will remove any entry from the search result if there is a legal order against it. You have to prove that the entry made on Ripoff Report is false and defamatory for your business and get a court order against that page. The case must be against the person who posted that report. Filing a lawsuit against Ripoff Report is useless as they are immune to the posts made by third parties on their site according to an US law. So your only option is to win that case against the person who posted the report and get a court order against the page where the report if posted. Then you can show the court report to Google and they will instantly remove it from their results. If the users can not find it on Google which is the biggest search engine, then you can stop worrying about it.

Another option is to use an Online Reputation Management Company.  Companies specialize in suppressing the negative information on the internet and continue to provide an online safe haven for your business.  Unlike the above options that only work for that one specific incident.  If you use the above options you will find yourself back to square one the second another complaint comes online.  Reputation Management companies will continue to protect your online reputation building a shell of positive true and relevant content about your business.  This process will create a positive online search experience for your business yielding you increased ROI and consumer buying confidence.

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