Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Understanding the impact of internet on Reputation Management

It’s the reputation of any brand or person that makes a lasting impact on the business or personal prospects of an individual or a company. Reputation Management has come of age as more and more organizations along with individuals are getting aware of the need to build a reputation that speaks well for them on the internet and can be used to push their products and services that they have to offer to the general public or to a particular niche of the population. One question that comes to mind is how can internet effect one's personal reputation?

With social media networks at an all time high, it is very easy to help or destroy your reputation. Your reputation is how people perceive you as a person or business. The internet, while very convenient can cause a lot of problems for a personal or business reputation. In an effort to protect your personal reputation you have to be careful what you say, write, text, or post to social media sites and blogs. Once your information has been put on the web it is very hard to get it back. Remember, for those who have never met you, this internet posting is their first impression of you or your business.


Everyone receives emails from time to time. Something as simple as emails can cause your reputation to be reflected in a positive light or a negative one. When responding to an email, the tone in your writing is very important. If you respond to an email in a negative tone, you could offend someone and therefore put your reputation at risk. It is also important that you do not email out of anger or any other raw emotion, for once an email has been sent, in most cases it cannot be retracted. Be sure to watch how and when you respond to ensure that your reputation is not ruined.

Social Media

One of the fastest ways to spoil a reputation is social media accounts. Many people sign on daily to a social media network such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Status updates, picture uploads, and information about you are posted on accounts. If not careful, it is possible for everyone to view everything that you post to these accounts. You must be careful what pictures are posted, what is stated on your status, as well as what types of groups or individuals you follow. Potential employers, clients, and customers review pages. If offensive material is posted to the site, you may lose interest of those who are following you, or working with you.

Protecting your reputation is very important. To safeguard yourself from possible negative reactions, it is important to monitor what is posted. Before clicking send or upload, review the material that you want to post to be sure that it is appropriate. It may even be wise to ask another opinion before posting. You only get one real shot at making a great impression on others, and if your reputation is ruined it takes a long time to restore. Jobs can be lost, clients could go elsewhere for business, and even friends could be turned off and not speak to you anymore. The most important thing to remember is the internet is forever, and what you put on there no longer belongs to just you.

Keeping a check on one’s online reputation and hiring Reputation Management Professionals is the need of the hour as more and more people are turning to the internet even for daily communication.

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