Friday, 20 January 2012

Maintaining an Eye on Complaint Boards

Its time that you check your reputation online. Make sure that your image has not been tarnished on any of the websites that are specialized for logging in complaints from people who need to vent out their feelings about the bad experience that they met at one of the stores or at the hands of one of your sales reps. There maybe an unethical competitor who is leaving no stone unturned to tarnish your image.

One needs to monitor these forums on a regular basis so that individuals and organizations that really need their reputation maintained know what exactly is going on with their brand.

1. is a leading online complaint board. People value the reports posted here a lot. The users post complaints about anything they find suspicious and others comment about it.

2. Ripoff Report

Ripoff Report has been serving as a leading complaint board for a long time. Businesses that are scamming or ripping people off are reported here. It is one of the most valued complaint boards and can hurt any business that is unfortunate enough to be listed here. You can complain about products, services, businesses and even individuals that are doing anything unethical.

3. Complaints Board

Complaints Board has a very well-structured website where you can find reports against companies, individuals, products, services etc that did not serve the customer well enough. The site is easy to use and navigate through. You can locate the right category quite easily to see if the report you are looking for is there. They also have tips and news about the businesses.

4. iRipoff

iRipoff is a lot like Ripoff Report. You can post reports about scams and unethical business etc on this site and help others avoid the same mistakes. By sharing your experience on this site, you can also make sure that business more reliable towards other customers.

5. has a more forum like appearance. It allows users to post complaints as well as compliments. The complaints can be product or business specific. They have several categories where you can post your complaints or reviews.

6. is also a great site for posting negative reviews and complaints about any company or business. Unlike others sites, this one is clutter free and really simple and easy to use. You can post your experience regarding the customer service of any company on this site and read the opinions of thousands of customers.

7. PissedConsumer

PissedConsumer looks a lot like a review site and functions like one. You can post your review about the products, services or customer service of any business. As the name suggests, a lot of pissed consumer actually visit the site for information regarding the quality of service of any company.

8. ScamHunter

Despite being a newcomer in the field of online complaint boards, ScamHunter is doing pretty well. They have a more aggressive attitude towards the companies that have done wrong to their customers. Along with the reports about companies that are scamming, they publish the ways in which you can get back at them. Their recent news section is full of latest arrests and reviews about individuals who may have scammed others.

9. My3cents

This review site has complaints and consumer advices that can be very helpful for other customers. They maintain a section with 10 categories where you can find 15 companies that the reviewers have talked about the most.

10. The Consumerist

This is one of the best sites to read consumer advice regarding bad customer service and bad products as well. You can find advice posted by actual consumers about how to deal with pretty much everything you may face as a consumer.

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