Friday, 28 June 2013

Taking giant leaps for your Reputation Building Campaigns

The other day while talking about Reputation management it was inferred that social media played a vital role in altering the reputation of a brand and an individual. Well the role of social media can be ignored but you can’t remain unaffected by it. People have taken on to social media to present their genuine views about a brand or an individual. As a brand or an individual in the public eye you need to have a strong and assertive presence on social media to keep your reputation flag flying high. Don’t overreact or under react on social media. You need to have the optimum reaction to any situation over there. If you are too busy or don’t feel like handling your social media activities yourself leave it to reputation management companies like Repfixers as they are professionally qualified and know their job better than any individual any day.

Along with social media there are many other factors that need to be taken care of while managing your reputation. Although the effect of these factors may be felt after a long time yet as an individual managing a reputation for your brand there is no chance that you can ignore it.

Own Domain Name similar to your Company Name for the best results in Reputation Management

The first and foremost thing to do in any reputation management campaign for a reputation management company is to secure the domain names that correspond with the brand name. Now the brand name can be an individual or a company that is looking forward to manage its reputation. Domain names like Companyname-reviews are a good choice. You are providing your clients a platform to provide reviews about your brand that may not be there on your website. The best part in terms of reputation management is that the reviews and feedback from your target audience can be moderated by you easily. But there's a catch! You need to ensure that reviews over there are balanced. Don’t just let the good things rest there.

It’s not only companyname-reviews that needs to be claimed and owned by you there are various other variants you can think of and promote on the internet. The practice will not harm you anyway. Chances are that you may see an impetus to your already running marketing campaigns.

Playing around with low quality links

These links are two edged swords. They can benefit you for a while but once the search engines decide to get your link profile in order they will be responsible for heavy losses suffered in terms of drop or rankings and loss of website traffic that will harm your reputation any day. The best and balanced game to play over here would be to point low quality links to your social profiles that you have built. Point all the high quality links to your self managed domains. Your self managed domains can be your main website or the other domain name variants that you have purchased to manage your reputation. Check for Do Follow and No Follow Links, Wikis with questionable reputation and URL's that have been bought in lieu of money and the latest URL's from unrelated themes.

Start an alternative Blog

Starting a Blog for your brand is something that you can start with while managing your reputation. Make sure the name of the Blog corresponds to your brand name so that people are able to identify with you. This is an opportunity to showcase your core competencies and the anything new that’s happening in your company or your industry. Don’t undermine the power of blogging in Reputation Management it’s still strong and there are many brands that are still there generating revenue and a name just because of their Blogs.

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